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Communication Design Course


Communication Design Course is a unique category among other courses at Tama Art University. Classes starts at 6pm making it easier for students to attend after work. (School facilities can be used in the daytime as well). Required classes are given at the Kaminoge Campus in the evening, but you can also choose classes in various fields held at the Hachioji Campus in the daytime.
The campus is located in a nice residential area with a lot of greenery and historical features. The location is close to cultural and commercial facilities in central Tokyo.
Communication Design Course encompasses a wide range of fields in design. Depending on your study subjects, professors in the following fields could oversee your study; Design Management, Graphic Design, Media Design, Product Design, Interaction Design, Spatial Design, Ecological Design, and Urban Design.
You can choose English as a language to be used for the entrance examination. Classes are given in Japanese, however, some professors could teach privately in English, and theses can be written in English. Please visit our homepage for more information.

Faculty in charge

Main Field of Study
Professor Masahiro Horiuchi Communication / Environmental Design Study
Professor Hideji Takemasa Product Design Study
Professor Tomohiro Uemura Interaction Design Study
Associate Professor Naoki Sato Media Design Study



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